and cleaning

multiple systems

pressurised washing

Your breathing air apparatus can be washed fully automatic with a (moving) nozzle system

During a 5, 10 or 22 minute wash, your SCBA’s are cleaned thoroughly. after a careful cleaning proces with controlled temperature and specific detergent, the equipment can be dryed afterwards to ensure safe en healthy use of the SCBA’s after use.

We supply several sizes and options to suit Your needs.



Professional washing system designed to clean 4 SCBA’s with cylinder


Professional washing system designed to clean 6 SCBA’s without cylinder


Professional double sided washing system designed to clean 6 SCBA’s without cylinder, machine is installed between 2 area’s, to prevent contamination.


Compact professional washing system designed to clean up to 9 masks at once.


Large Professional washing system designed to clean up to 36 masks


optional accessoires, racks and trolleys


Cleaning of 4 breathing air systems with cylinders.

Especially designed to load the equipment on the stainless steel ‘drawer’ outside of the machine.

Multiple nozzles and a washing program with a specific detergent clean Your equipment automatically.


Cleaning breathing air systems without cylinder

When cleaning breating air systems without cylinder it is neccessary to maintain a high pressure on the masks during the cleaning process.

With this machine all SCBA’s are connected to a high pressure system.

Wash6 dr barrier

This machine is especcialy designed when there is need for a seperation between the 'dirty' room and the 'clean' room.

Using 2 seperate doors, one at the front, and one at the back of the machine.

This machine is installed between 2 rooms. 

The used equipment can be loaded at the dirty side of the machine, and after the cleaning cycle the clean equipment van be unloaded at the other side . 

Only one door is accessible at a time.


Limited space, but a lot to clean?

The Wash 9 is capable of cleaning 9 breating air masks at once.

In combination with the M18 drying machine, which can be placed on top or below the Wash 9, this is an excellent choice for small rooms with limited space.


In contrast to the Wash9, the Wash36 is suitable for larger spaces

This machine is capable of washing 36 masks at once, and is designed to prevent misuse by enabling special washingprograms to ensure the safety of the masks.


accessoires, especially designed for use in combination with the Harstra machine. to load and unload quickly and more efficient.

several products to minimize handling en create an efficient work environment between washing and drying.